Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Ambassador of People's Republic of China in Berlin, Shi Mingde


Composition Competition


in honour of

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz


Leibniz on music:

Music is governed by Arithmetic, and when one is cognisant of some fundamental experiments with harmonies and dissonances one finds that all her other principles, too, are governed by numbers.


Music is the veiled arithmetical practice of the spirit (who knows not, that it is counting). […] In music we only count up to five […] but if we were gifted with rather more subtlety we could also include that of the prime number seven. And I do maintain, that this actually exists. But there would be hardly anyone who could utilise the intervals from the next prime numbers, viz., eleven and thirteen.”

Hannover, 17. April 1712


Letter to Christian Goldbach of 17 April 1712,

Opera omnia Volume III, Dutens, Geneva


»Wenn Gott rechnet, und seinen Gedanken ausführt, entsteht die Welt.«

»If God expects, and carries out his thoughts, the world is created.«


Die philosophischen Schriften von Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Hrsg. Carl Immanuel Gerhardt, Berlin 1875-90


Call for entries
Prize money

Competition for composers of any age

in the following categories:



1. Orchestra

(2222 – 2221 – timp, 2 percussion, harp, strings)

duration 10-15 minutes

Submission deadline: 21. June 2016


2. Ensemble of traditional Chinese

and Western instruments

(Pipa (PDF), Zheng (PDF), Sheng (PDF), Erhu (PDF), fl, cl, pi, perc (List),

acc, vl, vcl, kb): Trio to tutti, at least one Chinese instrument

maximum duration 12 minutes

Submission deadline: 01. March 2016


3. Solo Instrument

Zheng, Pipa, Clarinet, Cello or Accordion

maximum duration 12 minutes

Submission deadline: 01. March 2016


4. Radiophonic Composition/soundart

Stereophonic and possibly 5.1, for broadcast on hr2-kultur (Hessischer Rundfunk – Radio Frankfurt, public service radio) and at public performances

duration 20–40 minutes

Submission deadline: 01. March 2016



All submitted pieces should be based on Leibniz’s writings on the relationship between harmony and dissonance, arithmetic and music.


Works must be submitted anonymously (identified only by a number corresponding to that on an envelope containing the name, address, telephone number and email address, along with a cv and photograph of the composer) and in eight copies.



Submissions address for China:

Prof. Guoping JIA, Central Conservatory of Music,

43, Baojia Street, Xicheng District, 100031 Beijing, P. R. C.


Organiser, and submissions address for the rest of the world:

Musik für heute e. V. · Alte Grammophonfabrik

Edwin-Oppler-Weg 5 · 30167 Hannover · Deutschland

Telephone: +49 (0)511 161 1983 · Telefax: +49 (0)511 161 4250

info [@]




The jury may at their discretion distribute the prize money differently depending on the distribution of submissions; their decision is binding and not subject to legal recourse.

Prizewinners must be present at the first performance of their works, and are obliged to supply all necessary material for the performance in the event of their work being selected no more than ten days after being notified of selection. By accepting the prize money the artist consents to his/her radiophonic soundart piece being broadcast by hr2-kultur (Hessischer Rundfunk – Radio Frankfurt) in any area and for an unlimited period; the association also retains the right to play the work during its public events without being liable to pay a composer’s fee (performances will be, of course, registered at the respective right societies, e.g. GEMA).

1. Prize Orchestra 5.000 Euro

2. Prize Orchestra 4.000 Euro

3. Prize Orchestra 3.000 Euro


1. Prize Ensemble 5.000 Euro

2. Prize Ensemble 3.000 Euro

3. Prize Ensemble 1.500 Euro


1. Prize Solo 3.000 Euro

2. Prize Solo 2.000 Euro

3. Prize Solo 1.000 Euro


1. Prize Soundart 1.500 Euro

2. Prize Soundart 1.000 Euro

3. Prize Soundart    500 Euro

Artistic Board /Members of the Jury:


Prof. Johannes Schöllhorn

Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln

Prof. Dr. Oliver Schneller

Eastman School of Music, Rochester

Prof. Jia Guoping

Zentrales Konservatorium Beijing

Prof. Guo Wenjing

Zentrales Konservatorium Beijing

Prof. Dr. Martin Kaltenecker

Université Paris Diderot

Prof. José M. Sánchez-Verdú

Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón (Saragossa)

Robert-Schumann-Musikhochschule Düsseldorf

Stefan Fricke

Redaktion Neue Musik/Klangkunst (hr2-kultur)

Matthias Ilkenhans

NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover


Artistic director:

Stephan Meier


1 March 2016 there had been 111 responses from all over the world to the international competition for composers, ‘Leibniz’s Harmonies’.

Entries in the first three categories reached the jury from Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, England, France, Greece, Iran, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, the USA and Uzbekistan.


The first prizewinners’ concerts will be given in Hannover, the city where Leibniz did much of his work – in the Herrenhausen Gardens, at his last resting place the Neustädter Court and City Church, and at the NDR state broadcasting house, followed by performances in Beijing and his birthplace, Leipzig. The prizewinning composers and the jury will be present.






Compositions for orchestra


1. Prize

Timo Ruttkamp (*1980): Mitternachtssonnenwindspieluhr


2. Prize

Dong Lingyi (*1995): Resonance


3. Prize ex aequo

Alessio Elia (*1979): Labyrinthum continui


3. Prize ex aequo

Zhao Ye (*1986): Irreducible Sketch




Compositions for Ensemble of traditional Chinese and

Western instruments:


1. Prize sponsored by Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG

HUI Tak-Cheung (*1983): The Mist not Mist


2. Prize

FUNG Dic-lun (*1988): Rivière sans Retour (January 2016)


3. Prize sponsored by members of Musik für heute e. V.

WANG Ruiqi (*1987): A House without Windows (2016)


Special prize of the German Federal Foreign Office for young

chinese composers:

ZHANG Qi (*1988): Lead to Somewhere Far Away


Recommendation for performance:

Jung-Eun Park (*1986): Clash of Time




Compositons for Solo Instrument:


1. Prize sponsored by Annette und Gerd Schwandner – Foundation

XIE Xin (*1982): Unnatural Nature (February 2016) for clarinet solo


2. Prize

XU Zhengtong (*1993): Written in water for pipa solo


3. Prize

Franco Venturini (*1977): Kìnesis for violoncello solo


Special prize of the German Federal Foreign Office for young

chinese composers:

WEI Cong (*1988): Die Reise – von 0 bis 1 (February 2016) for violoncello solo


Recommendation for performance:

Christoph Theiler (*1959): The Bridge for violoncello solo (2015)




Radiophonic Compositions/Soundart:


1. Prize ex aequo

Johannes S. Sistermanns (*1955): 887


1. Prize ex aequo

Silvia Simons: Poème d'espace


1. Prize ex aequo

WEN Bihe (*1991): Ancient Reunion


Recommendation for performance:

Nathalia Grotenhuis (*1984): FLOW




Dates and Venues of the Prizewinner Concerts


The award presentation in the categories II-IV was taking place in 30th June 2016 in the Orangerie Herrenhausen, Hanover.


Friday · 09 December 2016

07.00 pm · Main broadcasting hall at NDR Landesfunkhaus

Prizewinners concert in the orchestra category

NDR Radiophilharmonie orchestra, leader Jonathan Stockhammer


Dates and Venues of further Prizewinner Concerts: »das neueensemble



The performers are:

NDR Radiophilharmonie, Hannover »Website

Ensemble Con Tempo Beijing

Das Neue Ensemble, Hannover »Website

Frédéric Durieux (*1959)

Longue Distance (2016) for erhu and clarinet


In Omaggio a Gilles Deleuze


« C’est un pli extrêmement sinueux, un zigzag, une liaison primitive non

localisable. »


« Nous découvrons de nouvelles manières de plier comme de nouvelles en-

veloppes, mais nous restons leibniziens parce qu’il s’agit toujours de plier,

déplier, replier »


Le Pli – Leibniz et le Baroque

Editions de Minuit ©1988


Monday · 14 November 2016

05.00 pm · Neustädter Hof- und Stadtkirche Hannover

Festive ceremony of the State of Lower Saxony, the City of Hannover and the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Society to mark the tercentenary of Leibniz’s death.




Udo Grimm · Clarinet (Das Neue Ensemble)

Guowei Yan · Erhu (Ensemble ConTempo Beijing)

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Musik für heute e. V.

Alte Grammophonfabrik

Edwin-Oppler-Weg 5

30167 Hannover · Germany


Telephone: +49 (0)511 161 1983

Telefax: +49 (0)511 161 4250


info [@]



Within the framework of Musik 21 NIedersachsen, supported by the Ministry for Sciences and Culture of Lower Saxony; the Cultural Office of its Capital Hannover supports Musik 21 NGNM e.V. and Das Neue Ensemble institutionally.


Donor 1. Prize Ensemble:

Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG

Donor 1. Prize Solo: